Bamboo Mims

The purity of bamboo in your pushchair

Bamboo Mims


Bamboo Mims

46.95 € RRP

Bamboo Mims is the spring footmuff for your baby made with bamboo-sourced eco-friendly fabric.

100 x 88 cm

Using your Bamboo Mims

Use as a footmuff or a blanket

Universal footmuff for changing seasons that turns into a blanket to keep your little one comfy in your arms or in the pushchair.

Cot mattress pad

Fully unfold the footmuff and use it as a summer cushion for your baby’s cot.

Carefully designed

Velcro at the footmuff flaps ensure full visibility for your baby.

Organic and eco-friendly material

Made from 100% high-quality bamboo to benefit your little one.

Storage conditions

Wash in cold water. Do not iron.

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