Mims +

Warm and extremely fluffy

Mims +


Mims +

54.95 € RRP

The perfect accessory to keep your baby protected from head to toe in the coldest months of the year.

100 x 88 cm

Using your Mims +

Functional and practical cover

The upper part is shaped like a hood so that your baby always feel warm. It is also specifically designed not to reduce your baby’s angle of vision.

Lateral snaps

The footmuff has side snaps and a bottom zip for enhanced ventilation and to keep footmuff in place.

Extremely fluffy padding

The lining is extremely warm and soft, making your Mims+ a soft footmuff that’s soft on the skin.

Fabrics and materials

100% stretch cotton exterior and soft fleece lining regulate your baby's body temperature.


It can be washed in cold water; do not machine dry or iron.

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