Freedom of movement with your baby



You can comfortably carry your baby by distributing weight and protecting your back with our baby carrier.

   De 3,5 a 15 Kg
26 x 37 cm
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Reinforced padding

The Travel backpack has a reinforced mesh padding that helps keep your baby's back secure.


It has a headrest for enhanced support for your baby's head.

Breathable lining

Year-round comfort for your baby.

Lumbar support

With lumbar protection.

Ergonomic straps

The straps are wide and padded.


It incorporates a removable bib protects the backpack and your clothes from stains.

Adjustable leg positions

You can choose the best position for your baby's legs with a zip that can widen or narrow the backpack.

Adjustable straps

The straps are 130 cm long so you can adjust the baby carrier and get your baby in and out of it easily.

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