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Tablet and safety mirror


A mirror to see your baby on one hand, a case for a tablet for longer trips on the other.

27 x 20 cm
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On the one hand, it is a backseat mirror to help you see your baby in a rear-facing seat.

Tablet case

On the other, it is a universal case for tablets. Ideal for keeping your little one entertained on long trips.


It has been designed to fit all the headrests on the market and its velcro attachment system means that it works for most tablets, even minis.

Mini mirror

You can also monitor what your little one is doing on the table thanks to its second additional small mirror.


It can be attached horizontally and vertically.

Also for pushchairs

It has a special velcro strap that can be used to attach the case to the pushchair to keep your baby entertained while you queue, when it's time for the nap...

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