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269 € RRP

The i-Size child car seat with Isofix anchors that protects, grows and adapts to your little one: from 75 to 150cm.

75 - 150cm
Direction of travel Direction of travel:
Forward facing
56 x 44 x 83 cm
12.2 kg


a Height adjustable.
b Reclining positions.
c Includes insert.
d Impact absorbing material.
e Ventilation.
f It can be removed and washed
g Fitted with Isofix anchors.
h 5-point harness.
Duradero y antimanchas

Using your Drive

From 75 cm to 105 cm in height

For children from 75 to 105 cm, the car seat is installed with Isofix anchors and the anti-swivel strap (Top Tether). The child is held secure with the 5-point harness.

From 100 cm to 150 cm in height

For children from 100 to 150 cm, the car seat can be installed with Isofix anchors. The child is held secure with the 3-point seat belt of the vehicle.

Guaranteeing correct installation

When the child reaches 1 m in height, the 5-point harness of the car seat should be concealed. This will prevent any misuse as it does not need to be removed from the seat.

Car compatibility
Compatibility with your car
Check if your Jané car seat is compatible with your vehicle.

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