Matrix Light 2

Versatile and adaptable

Matrix Light 2


Matrix Light 2

299 € RRP

The baby carrier in which you can carry your baby sitting up or lying down, both positions approved for use in the car

Direction of travel Direction of travel:
Rear facing, Transversal
83 x 44 x 62 cm
5.25 kg


a Multiposition handle
b Reclining backrest.
c Belt: height adjustable.
d Complete all-round protection.
e Ventilated and breathable.
f Rear carabiner fastening.
g Pro-Fix for pushchairs.
h 5-point harness.
i Spacious interior.
j Base not included.
Shields from the winds

Using your Matrix Light 2

Installation without base

Install the Matrix Light 2 baby carrier in the car with the seat belt.

Installation with base

Install the Matrix Light 2 baby carrier using the Isofix base with support leg. This is also a swivel base making it easier to install the seat.

Car compatibility
Compatibility with your car
Check if your Jané car seat is compatible with your vehicle.

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