Montecarlo R1

Protection and comfort

Montecarlo R1


Montecarlo R1

175 € RRP

The Group 2 and 3 car seat with ideal safety and comfort from 15 kg to 36 kg.

15 - 36kg
46 x 43 x 97 cm
6.8 kg


a Aluminium structure
b 2 reclining positions.
c Maximum side shock absorption
d Ventilation and breathability.
e With Isofix connectors.
f It is removable and washable.
Duradero y antimanchas

Using your Montecarlo R1

Seat installation

Optional use of the Isofix anchors, which offer greater stability and safety in lateral displacements. The child is held secure with the 3-point vehicle seat belt.

Car compatibility
Compatibility with your car
Check if your Jané car seat is compatible with your vehicle.

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