Baby Side

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Baby Side


Baby Side

221 € RRP

The Babyside cosleeping cot means you can sleep with your baby for easier breatfeeding and rest at night.

0 - 9 kg
92 x 67 x (68-79)cm
92 x 67 x 16cm
10 kg


a Suitable for all bed types.
b Reclining mattress.
c Mattress: 49.5 x 82.5cm.
d Quilt and sheet set.
e Includes cushion with cover.
f Adjustable lower legs.
g 6 height positions.
h 4 wheels.
i 100% cotton.
j Can be folded for travel.
k Use as a separate cot.
l Window for your baby's safety.

Using your Baby Side

The best way to have your baby by your side.

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