Sleep and Fun

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Sleep and Fun


Sleep and Fun

121 € RRP

2 in 1: bassinet from birth and a playpen for your little one (3 and younger) to play in. Perfect for trips!

0 - 36 months
117 x 86 x 70cm
81 x 22 x 59cm
7.5 kg


a Bassinet and playpen.
b Top mattress: 80 x 49cm.
c Top level from 0 months.
d Lower mattress: 117 x 74 cm.
e Lower level up to 3 years.
f 100% aluminium
g Folds.
h Includes transport bag.

Using your Sleep and Fun

A higher level of rest

The mattress ensures that your baby will rest comfortably and will feel more protected thanks to the smaller size of the upper level.

Have fun!

The lower level means you can use the Sleep and Fun as a travel cot until your baby is 3. Your child will have more space and can enter and exit comfortably through the window.

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