Purifies and sanitises

Moon Ion


Moon Ion improves air quality, prevents the atmosphere from becoming dry and has a night light to relax your baby.

16 x 16 x 15cm
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Specifications Moon Ion

a Compatible with essences.
b 2 vapour output speeds.
c Minimum speed: 12 hours.
d Maximum speed: 9 hours.
e 20º - 25º.
f Includes a coloured light.
g Vapour output can be directed.
h Ioniser that purifies.
i Improves air quality.
j Minimum water level sensor.
k Disconnects if there is not enough water
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Usando tu Moon Ion

Vapour at room temperature increasing the relative humidity of the air without increasing the temperature in the room. The timer automatically switches the vapour off in 1h, 2h, or 4h.

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