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Sincro Baby Guard 4,3″


The camera that monitors your baby will automatically detect and follow any movement so the whole family can relax.

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Specifications Sincro Baby Guard 4,3″

a Day and night vision.
b Receiver with rechargeable battery.
c Adjustable microphone sensitivity.
d Works in the dark
e 4.3" colour screen.
f Digital transmission.
g Zero interference.
h 2 adaptors included.
i Loss of coverage alarm.
j Bidirectional audio
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Usando tu Sincro Baby Guard 4,3″

Auto Track function

No need to worry if your baby moves. The camera automatically detects and follows movement so you won't lose sight of the baby for a single second!

Adjustable camera angle

As quick and easy as changing the camera angle from the receiver from any room in the house thanks to the latest technology!

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