Smart Bath

Quick drying and compact folding

Smart Bath


Smart Bath

67.75 € RRP

The Smart Bath will make bath time with your baby a special, fun moment. Start smart bathing!

58 x 52 x 25 cm
58 x 52 x 9 cm


a Capacity: 56 litres.
b Exterior drain plug.
c With side compartments.
d Lift it by the top handle.

Using your Smart Bath

Use as a bath or paddling pool in summer

Take the bath outdoors so your child can enjoy bath time as if in a paddling pool. The materials and fabrics are very long-lasting and hard-wearing

Store anywhere

The bath can be quickly folded up very compact so you can store it anywhere.

Use from birth

Place a bath hammock in your Smart Bath and start using it for your baby’s first baths.

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