Cushion Plagiocephaly

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Cushion Plagiocephaly


    Cushion Plagiocephaly

    24.95 € RRP

    The pillow recommended for your baby’s first months to help combat plagiocephaly.

    Using your Cushion Plagiocephaly

    Combats plagiocephaly

    If the baby tends to always sleep on the same side this cushion with the hole in the middle will help prevent deformations and plagiocephaly.

    2 in 1

    In the second stage, when the baby is bigger, the small cushion goes inside the big one.

    Anti-choking pillow

    Soft cotton exterior and viscoelastic interior, that enables the baby to breathe properly thanks to the special perforated foam.

    Removable covers

    Both cushion covers are washable.

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