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Growing Baby Nest


With the Growing Baby Nest cushion insert your baby will feel safe, comforted and will sleep peacefully.

desde-el-nacimiento-en-3   From birth
60 x 90-100 cm
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Feeling of protection

After birth, a baby loses the safety provided by the mother’s tummy and with the Growing Baby Nest cushion insert he will feel safe and snug.

Grows with the child

At the bottom, near your baby’s feet, there is a fastening system that means you can adapt it as the child grows.

Encourages co-sleeping

Can be used in the parents’ bed so your child sleeps next to you.

Cot insert measurements

Exterior measurements: 100cm long x 60cm wide Interior measurements: 60cm long x 40cm wide.

Minicot insert measurements

Exterior measurements: 90cm long x 60cm wide Interior measurements: 50cm long x 40cm wide.

Easy to carry

Light and easy to carry thanks to the handles.

Removable cover

Soft cotton material with removable washable cover.

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