Lactancy Cushion

Comfort while breastfeeding

Lactancy Cushion


Lactancy Cushion

36.95 € RRP

The breastfeeding pillow fits round the mother’s waist so she can breastfeed comfortably.


Using your Lactancy Cushion

Wraparound shape

Fits around the waist perfectly and the filling made of tiny balls means it adapts to any position.

Small extra cushion

You can fit the small cushion in your elbow to support the baby’s head on your arm at breast height in a natural, relaxed way, without straining your arm or neck.


You can also use it as a seat cushion when the baby starts to sit up or when lying face down to strengthen the neck muscles.

Removable cover

Removable and washable cover.

Soft to the touch

Cotton fabric soft to the touch.

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