Maternity and Lactancy Cushion
Maternity and Lactancy Cushion

Rest for you and your baby

Maternity and Lactancy Cushion


Mother and baby will use the breastfeeding and rest pillow for special moments, we love to share!

73 x 22 x 33 cm
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Usando tu Maternity and Lactancy Cushion

Multiposition 1: maternity pillow

For the mother to rest during pregnancy and after the birth. Covers the back down to the coccyx, relieving abdominal tension and strain on the arms, back and neck

Multiposition 2: breastfeeding

Use it as a breastfeeding pillow to feed the baby comfortably.

Multiposition 3: anti-roll

You can also use it as an anti-roll cushion to protect the child and provide stability when he starts to sit up.

Removable cover

The cover can be removed for washing.


193cm long x 20cm wide

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